18.10.2012 г.

Twoshirts and Two Noses

we see you. now we are you.

I asked my favorite book where my life is going to. And that was the answer.

What Tiffany had noticed was that witches filled space. In a way that was almost impossible to describe, they seemed to be more real than others around them. They just showed up more. But if they didn’t want to be seen, they became amazingly hard to notice. They didn’t hide, they didn’t magically fade away, although it might seem like that, but if you had to describe the room afterwards you’d swear there hadn’t been a witch in it. They just seemed to let themselves get lost.
‘Ah yes, well done,’ said Miss Tick. ‘I was wondering when you’d notice.’
Ha! thought Tiffany.
Miss Level got realer as she walked towards them. She was all in black, but clattered slightly as she walked because of all the black jewellery she wore, and she did have glasses, too, which struck Tiffany as odd for a witch. Miss Level reminded Tiffany of a happy hen. And she had two arms, the normal number.
‘Ah, Miss Tick,’ she said. ‘And you must be Tiffany Aching.’ Tiffany knew enough to bow; witches don’t curtsy (unless they want to embarrass Roland).
‘I’d just like to have a word with Miss Level, Tiffany, if you don’t mind,’ said Miss Tick, meaningfully. ‘Senior witch business.’
Ha! thought Tiffany again, because she liked the sound of it.
‘I’ll just go and have a look at a tree then, shall I?’ she said with what she hoped was withering sarcasm.

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