29.09.2011 г.

What to do with a broken heart.

Listen to me careful, kids. I'm about to drop some knowledge. Your heart is broken? I've got the perfect recipe for you.
Yes, it takes time. The beginning is devastating. Yes, it's not that easy. But if you do it, in the end you'll be alright again and will be ready to continue your life normally.

Read books. You might choose love stories, which will give you the hope you don't have. Or show you that there's more of life and you can find your personal happiness somewhere else. No matter what you choose that do help.

Listen to rock music. Why rock? Easy one. Because is the best music and you can find everything you need there. Yes, in the beginning you'll be hurt by love songs and you won't stand them, but soon you'll be okay.
When you are sad, just play some AC/DC and forget about the shitty world.

Friends. Go out with your friends instead of staying at home and crying over your lost love. It won't be fun as it used to be, because you're hurt but someday you'll realize that it's fun again and you can be that person you have always been, without suffering.

Dates. Find some other boy/girl and have fun with him/her. Go dancing, go to movies, make out, have sex. Just create new emotions. What you need to feel better.

Party. Go to really good parties. Remember that you are too young to be sad and broken.

Alcohol. If you feel like you really need to get drunk, so do it. Get drunk and go wild. I'm not saying you should drink everyday, but sometimes you need alcohol.

Sunsets. Enjoy the sunsets (or sunrise) and at that very moment you'll see there is a reason, good enough, to move on.

Every time you lose hope, just listen to Journey - Don't stop believing instead of being miserable.

Remember that we are greater than our suffering and soon or later, one day you'll wake up and see that something's changed.
You soul is in peace.
Your heart is healed.

Don't forget: Change is going to come.

P.S: That was my way. 

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  1. Еееей, точно тия дни си я слушах много, но не по гореспоменатите причини! ^^ ;-)