19.05.2011 г.

The shadow line

This thought just came to my mind. I feel older and I'm not talking about my body. For a moment I turned back time and thought of my 19-year-old Self.

What was she... what did she dream of... what did she hoped for...

Comparing it with my 20-almost-21-year-old self I see there is a slightly different light in my eyes. This reminded me of that book - The shadow line.

That was far cry from 'unputdownable'. The words are beautiful, in a perfect harmony with each other, but the story was troubling me.

I had to force myself in order to finish it. Nonetheless it was hard to read, there is something in this book, this feeling that the main character experienced. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure what it is. Probably, I should read it again someday.

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